Powerball could help you gently help against RSI

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You may of heard of Powerballs you may not, they are hand-held gyroscopes enclosed within a plastic shell which can reach speeds over 15,000 RPM  from simple low impact wrist and arm movements.

The smooth, fluid movement of spinning your Powerball when combined with the slight resistance inertia results in a unique therapeutic quality which will have a profound effect on Carpal Tunnel syndrome - CTS, Repetitive Strain injury - RSI, tendonitis, arthritis & all wrist related ailments while used for as little as just 5-7 minutes each day.

It's Pure Dynamic Therapy
Recommended by Chiropractors, Powerball is a fully dynamic training - rehabilitation product that takes your wrist through the actual ranges of its motion while simultaneously adding resistance.

Its unique 'non impact' properties gently stress damaged areas in a perfectly smooth and balanced manner which cannot be replicated by traditional exercise routines.

Results are produced quickly and efficiently and because the resistance generated by the ball is directly related to the speed at which you spin the internal rotor, you can use Powerball at your own pace and without further risk of damage to existing inflamed areas.

This compares extremely favorably to traditional methods where rehabilitation through the use of fixed resistance (even small free weights for example) can, in effect, be more harmful than therapeutic.

Drummers...Computer Operators...Musicians!
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - CTS & Repetitive strain injury - RSI can afflict people from all walks of life & profession. In the early stages, you may not even realise that you are being affected.

Using your Powerball for short periods each day will endow the cuff joints with a far greater range of movement while simultaneously 'beefing-up' the wrist and forearm areas.
Powerball can now be found in many clinics of Chiropractors as the profession is becoming fully switched on to the qualities offered by the product.

A lifetime guarantee is offered with each new Powerball. This is not a toy, it's not a gadget - it is quite simply a new instrument that will offers world class rehabilitation of your wrist and forearm areas within a very short time period and all at a price you'll find hard to resist.

Of course if you are unsure I urge you to spend a short time doing your own research so you dont just take our word for it. It is important to start of slowly and not to over do it initially which could cause pain and suffering to your current  cuase of injury. When used  for a couple of minutes a day you do feel a slight ache but this is normal and after a week or so of light usuage you become used to it and your joints can adapt and strenghen.
If you have used a Nintendo Wii Remote for a period of time I would liken the pain to this however it is alot lighter and less impact of movement using a Powerball compared against a Wii Remote.

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